The Client agrees that:

  1. The Client is defined as the persons mentioned in The “Client” on the first page of the agreement.
  2. We, the Client, authorise the Studio to attend and photograph our wedding pursuant to information provided inThe wedding “Photoshoot” section of this contract.
  3. We, the Client, grant the Studio the right of access to all locations on our wedding day necessary for them to enter and carry out their obligations under this agreement. This right of access included, where necessary, any private residence, private watercraft, private automobiles and any private or public building or space hired for the purpose of celebrating the wedding that the Studio is photographing.
  4. We, the Client, have reviewed the particulars for The wedding “Photoshoot” and hereby advise that these are correct.
  5. We, the Client, agree to immediately advise the studio in writing of any alterations in The wedding “Photoshoot”including postponement or cancellation of the wedding.
  6. We, the Client, have received, read and understood the Studio’s price list for the various packages it offers and the rates for which works are supplied to us.
    • We understand the contents of the packages and understand what the Studio intends to provide within each package.
  7. We, the Client, agree to pay the non refundable deposit of twenty five percent (25%) and the balance when collecting what we have asked the studio to provide to us by way of digital and hard copy prints (proofs)
  8. We, the Client, agree that payment of deposit confirms the booking with the Studio as per the details shown on this form.
  9. Should we ask the studio to photograph our wedding day, or any part of our wedding day, at a location that charges fees for the carrying out of professional photography at that location, we agree that we are liable for these fees. This includes taxi fares to retrieve parked cars when the location has required the car to be parked not with the photographer and parking fees at hotel receptions, or venues that require parking payment. These fees need to be paid on the day directly to the photographer, or to paid to the venue on behalf of the photographer on the same day.
    • We agree that we are not entitled to the release of the photos until this fee is paid by us to the Studio.
    • We agree that lack of knowledge by us as to the existence of fees is not reason to not have us pay these additional fees to the Studio.
    • We release the Studio from any express or implied obligation to inform us of the likely hood of any fees being charged by the location where we wish the Studio to attend and carry out photographic services to us.
  10. We, the Client, agree to provide the Studio’s photographer with a meal equivalent to that being in enjoyed by the guests where the photographer is working at meal times and there is no opportunity for the photographer to obtain a fresh meal nearby or it is inconvenient for the photographer to do so.
  11. We, the Client, accept as our responsibility the obligation to coordinate all aspects of the wedding other than the photography. We agree to assist the Studio to obtain the best possible photographs by informing them of the arrangements of key elements to the wedding day in order for them to obtain memorable photographic opportunities. This is inclusive of the following: the hairdressers and makeup artists, the hire cars and the caterers of all the relevant times, details and locations as detailed here and to coordinate their services.
    • We acknowledge the studio cannot accept responsibility for the extent of the photographic coverage if these details are incorrect or if we choose not to follow the agreed to schedule.
  12. We, the Client, agree to allow the Studio’s photographer to have first priority when photographing people, events, scenes and other aspects of our wedding day. This shall be done for the purpose of avoiding disruption to the photographic coverage & to allow the studio to fulfill its contracted duty. Where a conflict between the Studio’s photographer and a wedding guest’s photography happening simultaneously takes place such as to be an inconvenience to the Studio’s photographer, we will direct the guest to wait or otherwise not hold the Studio’s photographer or the Studio liable for the loss of the memorable photographic opportunity
  13. In the event of a cancellation of the wedding the deposit is forfeited.
  14. We agree that the copyright in all photographs is assigned to the photographer.
  15. We, the Client, give permission to the photographer to use any image of our wedding for wedding industry photography competitions and as required for subsequent usage and for reasonable general promotion advertising for the Studio. The usage for any other purpose is to be negotiated between parties and requires specific permission.
  16. We, the Client, agree to not hold the Studio liable for the deterioration of any hardcopy of the photographs. We understand that photographs are susceptible to environmental affects that will limit their longevity. For example, colour photographs, in common sensitized material & colour dyes have limited life expectancy when exposed to b & prolonged sunlight or fluorescent light sources. Photographs will retain their colour and brilliance much longer when displayed under better lighting conditions.
  17. We, the Client, agree to not hold the Studio liable for the deterioration of any soft copy of the photographs or the media upon which they are stored. We agree to adopt appropriate care and diligence in the safe storage and handling of electronic data storage media. We agree to make a backup copy of all disks provided to us by the Studio and understand that the Studio is not expected to retain a back up copy of the photographs they provide to us.

The Studio

  1. The Studio is defined as The Melba Studios Pty Limited
  2. Should the nominated photographer not be available for any reason, the Studio will notify the Client of the change as soon as it is known and provide another Photographer of equivalent skills or provide a full refund. The election of the option as to alternative action shall be choice of the Client.
  3. The Studio shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond the Studio’scontrol include faulty material, equipment failure, damaged or loss of compact flash cards, industrial disputes, civil disturbances or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent in whole or in part this assignment.
  4. In this case the Studio shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment. It is agreed that the liability of the Studio shall be limited to a refund of the money paid under this agreement, which shall be in full and final satisfaction of any loss or damage suffered.